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Autonics KT-502H1 Temperature Transmitter


Temperature Transmitter with HART Protocol, power supply 10.5-45VDC (with backlight LCD), PV display part: 7-segment 5-digit (character size: W4×H8mm), Parameter display part: 14-segment 8-digit (character size: W2.6×H4.8mm), 52-bar meter, Display range : -19999 to 99999, HART-protocol (no setting key), Response time : 1 sec, Input type_RTD (DPt100Ω, DPt500Ω, DPt1000Ω, Ni100Ω, Ni500Ω, Ni1000Ω, Cu50Ω, Cu100Ω), Input type_TC (K, J, T, E, N, S, B, R), Input type_Voltage transmission (-10-75mV, -100-100mV, -100-500mV, -100-2000mV), Output: DC4-20mA (2-wire), Explosion class : Ex d IIC T6, With mounting bracket

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Datasheet: KT-502H Series Manual

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